In some cultures putting your fingers on your forehead are the equivalent of flipping someone off.

I like to think that’s what happened here even if it probably isn’t 


This may or may not be a sign that I need to go to bed.



Talk shit, get hit

Burgundy’s career in slapstick comedy.

by あまこ
permission to upload this image was given by the artist

All I want to do right now is make cute gifs despite being busy later today…..I’ll do…… more…………


Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy heading to PC via Steam

Square Enix announced on Thursday that it will release Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII for PC via the Steam platform.

Final Fantasy XIII will arrive on October 9 for US$16, and is available for pre-order for US$14.40 through a Steam special promotion.




Street art by Conor Harrington

This may or may not be a sign that I need to go to bed.