Georgia pushed the third wandering Phantump out of her face as she and Trip tried to navigate the dense forest in search of their friend.  Trip watched the offended Pokemon disappear into the shadows and tightened his grip on Georgia’s arm nervously.

"Uh, don’t you think you should be a little nicer, to the Pokemon, I mean-"

"-why do you care?"

"Normally I wouldn’t!" he huffed, "but the last one looked really mad, and I know that ghost-types can perform all sorts of illusions to trick wandering trainers.  What if we’re just going in a circle because the Pokemon are pissed off at you?"

Georgia scoffed. “If they are playing tricks on me then I’ll use even more force than before.  Go, Froslass!”

The temperature around them dropped considerably as Georgia called out her newest Pokemon.  She smiled deviously and Trip felt his heart oddly go out to the wild Pokemon.  From personal experience, he knew facing Georgia’s wrath was somewhere on his top ten list of worst things you could ever experience.

"Taunt," she ordered.

At first nothing happened, but then gleaming red eyes followed by the physical bodies of the nearby ghost Pokemon all appeared around them.  They launched into a barrage of physical attacks which Froslass avoided with Protect.  When the leader, Trevenant tried to attack again, he found he could no longer use his attacks.

"What happened?"

Georgia smirked. “Froslass’s hidden ability is cursed body.  It’s not 100% guaranteed, but it can occasionally disable a Pokemon’s move after being attacked by it.”  She tucked Froslass’s Pokeball away and dragged Trip along.  ”And now that Taunt has forced them into using only physical moves, they can no longer use special attacks to create illusions around us so hopefully we can find Bur-“

"Enfin!" Burgundy burst out of the underbrush, clinging onto Georgia’s body like she was a liferaft.

"I thought you two had forgotten about me," she sniffled dramatically and Georgia rolled her eyes while petting her back in faux comfort.

Trip helped her up on her feet and started leading them back to the Pokemon Center.  ”How the heck did you get so lost, anyways, we were following a trail?”

Burgundy immediately spun into a wild tail of some Pokemon kidnapping her behind their backs, and how she bravely tried to find her way back but then sprained her ankle on the steep cliff she had to climb, after swimming across a lake, that was right next the maze of trees she navigated through.

When they were back at the Pokemon Center, Georgia left the two of them in the lobby, stormed back up to her room grumbling about “only three minutes left” and went to finish her movie alone.

Burgundy rubbed her shoulder guiltily.  ”Is she really that mad?”

Trip nodded.  The two of them stared at the room door blankly until Trip got an idea. As he tried picking the lock with one of his bobby pins Burgundy gasped in fright.

"What are you doing?  She’s going to kill us!"

Trip smiled slyly, “Not if she’s too busy loving us.”

"I don’t get why she would, right now I mean- OH."

Trip reached over and unbuttoned the first three buttons on Burgundy’s sweater, and pushed the shoulder off his jacket.

Burgundy flushed immediately.  ”You know, she’s a hell of a lot better at this than we are.”

"Just don’t act weird okay.  Stick your chest out a lot and only speak French."

I’m so satisfied with how Best Wishes: ReOrchestrated is coming out and so frustrated that I can’t just shove a finished version in everyone’s faces…



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I actually have a headcanon that Ursula is way into fitness and general conditioning because she believes that a Coordinator must be just as fit and athletic as their own Pokemon, so here she is in the middle of a morning jog.